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Curtis Report 2014-10-17

This week was a real grab bag of stuff starting and stopping and interruption that kept me all over the place. I’m particularly happy to see the python learning group starting the week of 2014010-20 and I feel like the

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Curtis Report 2014-10-10

The great majority of my week was spent trying to get a VirtualBox instance of Ubuntu running with Mozillians and KitHerder so I can write so user docs and what not for using KitHerder in a new Mentorship Process. It

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The Curtis Report 2014-09-26

So my last report failed to mention something important. There is a lot I do that is not on this report. This only covers note worthy items outside of run the business (RTB) activities. I do a good deal of

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The Curtisk report: 2014-09-21

People wanna know what I do, so I am going to give this a shot, so each Monday I will make a post about the stuff I did in the previous week. Idea shamlessly stolen from Eric Shepherd What I

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25 Years an Eagle

Reflective Moment: I was invited to attend the Eagle Scout Court of Honor for a fine young man I’ve had the please of service with on NYLT for 2 years a few weeks past. As part of the ceremony he

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TSA Waste

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SOPA Protest

Going dark to protest SOPA see you on the other side.

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