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Microsoft’s Browser Security Website / Marketing

Alright to star this one off I think I need to do a few house keeping items: Disclaimer: This blog is my opinion, thoughts or whatever you choose to call it. This does not represent the opinion of anyone or

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My first official post on the Mozilla Security Blog!!

Read it here

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Security & Feature Pages

Yesterday I talked about what we are doing in bugzilla so today I want to cover the new feature pages and how we are using the new status section to track security interaction there. If you have not seen the

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Security Keywords in Bugzilla

There has been a little confusion over the addition of sec-review-needed and sec-review-complete keywords that were  added to in June that I hope I can clear up with this blog post. I have spoke about these a little on

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Too Quiet

OK, yeah…I have not posted in some time. But I have a good excuse. I have left my old position at a crummy health care company and moved to Mozilla (yeah the guys that make Firefox and Thunderbird). I am

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AppSec – InfoSec the Pizza Boxes, et al.

This blog is inspired by an interesting discussion on twitter between Raf Los (Wh1t3Rabbit), Jeremiah Grossman (jeremiahg), Barry Dorrans (blowdart) Jack Daniel (jack_daniel), securityninja (no real name known David Rook) and me chiming in. The discussion started with a simple

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Passwords–Oh how I hate thee…

Simple title, complex issue. Username-password (U/P) schemes are the oldest form of authentication on the net, and many agree they are getting weaker all the time. The cause of this weakness is human nature with regards to how you go

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