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Your Career is a Bonsai

The only person that will manage and grow your career is you. Maintaining and regularly cultivating the documents (resumes, cover letters, etc) is like a  bonsai tree. Spending a bunch of time working on these when you suddenly need them

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November: A Busy month

So no blogging for a while, its been a busy month. In addition to being a family man of 3 kids, involved in Scouting with my son and just general life it’s been a month of traveling. First, I spoke

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Microsoft’s Browser Security Website / Marketing

Alright to star this one off I think I need to do a few house keeping items: Disclaimer: This blog is my opinion, thoughts or whatever you choose to call it. This does not represent the opinion of anyone or

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Adjusting My Thinking

I have been spending the last 2 weeks in the office in Mountain View (going home Saturday. Yeah!) and have had some really interesting meetings and thoughts that I think I should talk about. And I am going to start

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iPhone Calendar Oddity

Lately I have been traveling back and forth between my home and my new job with Mozilla in Mountain View, CA. As part of this I synch multiple calendars with my iPhone to keep my work and personal life in

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Cars and Software and Quality Oh My!

On the way into work this morning I was listening an NPR report on the GM IPO, mind you I don’t want to get into a discussion on GM, the economy or any of that. However, an interesting quote caught

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