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Curtis Report 2014-10-10

The great majority of my week was spent trying to get a VirtualBox instance of Ubuntu running with Mozillians and KitHerder so I can write so user docs and what not for using KitHerder in a new Mentorship Process. It

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Curtis Report 2014-10-03

I spent a good deal of this week doing RTB activities that are mostly non-noteable other than they have to get done. I likely should have taken a PTO day to recover from DerbyCon (lesson for next time) I jumped

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The Curtis Report 2014-09-26

So my last report failed to mention something important. There is a lot I do that is not on this report. This only covers note worthy items outside of run the business (RTB) activities. I do a good deal of

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The Curtisk report: 2014-09-21

People wanna know what I do, so I am going to give this a shot, so each Monday I will make a post about the stuff I did in the previous week. Idea shamlessly stolen from Eric Shepherd What I

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No Free Lunch

Over the last week or so there has been considerable discussion of the proposed plan to include some advertising in the first-run experience of Firefox for new users (Directory Tiles).  There is still considerable work and ideas to complete by

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25 Years an Eagle

Reflective Moment: I was invited to attend the Eagle Scout Court of Honor for a fine young man I’ve had the please of service with on NYLT for 2 years a few weeks past. As part of the ceremony he

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Your Career is a Bonsai

The only person that will manage and grow your career is you. Maintaining and regularly cultivating the documents (resumes, cover letters, etc) is like a  bonsai tree. Spending a bunch of time working on these when you suddenly need them

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