Heroes, not the super kind, are often posted about. More often than not it’s about military service, police, fire, EMS and the like. It occurs to me we’re  setting up an expectation of service that overlooks a great number of deserving people.

Service and heroism does not and should not require the carrying of a weapon or the risk of ones well being, or even a uniform for recognition. Plenty of heroes wear everyday clothes. We often show them disdain for one reason or another but civil service is still service it’s an unsung part of our societies fabric. As are the clergy who often minister to the vulnerable and lost. They are heroes.

And even less recognized are all the people who give their time and energy to feed the hungry, cloth the homeless, comfort the sick and speak for those with no voice.if you give of any of your time to help others, you are a hero.

My own heroes are the men who showed up week in week out to give me a sports and scout program. Who sacrificed weekends in the wilderness with burnt food and grey weather so we could have role models. And the moms who took groups of cub scouts and taught them how to be men of character and compassion.

I’m not saying to stop thanking and caring for the “popular” heroes. But maybe you can thank the Peace Corps volunteer who goes out to show Americas’ compassion, the lady at the DMV and civil servants in our courts who make our system of laws work day in and day out. The mom who gives her time at the soup kitchen and the dad who coaches a sport or scout unit. The minister who visits the sick not just for their faith but all who need a moment of compassionate listening. Anyone who cares for others and seeks no recognition and no reward other than the good feeling of honest service.

To all of you, thank you. Your service has not gone unnoticed nor unappreciated.

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