Your Turn Challenge: Day 4: (Day Late) Pleasant Secrets

Nanakorobi yaoki
Literally: Fall seven times and stand up eight
Meaning: When life knocks you down, stand back up / Keep trying.

So I failed twice, but I’m getting back up and to me that is what matters. Writing something everyday is more scary that I thought it might be. I’m getting better but I still need to make it a priority for myself. So I’m standing back up.

Teach us something that you do well.

As the title implies I have some little somethings I don’t share often but that I think I am pretty good at.

I’ve been told, that I’m a good cook. I love to make all kinds of food, the process of the kitchen, the smells and the creativity are something that give me fulfillment.  I also love the challenge of what we call “experimental food nights”. This entails me going to the kitchen with no particular recipe in mind, just seeing what we have on hand and creating a meal. More often than not in my adult life I’ve been successful, there were a few teen age experiments that did not work out so well. It’s a real treat to see what I can make and draw from experience and parts of recipes I know well. My friends seem to love it and tell me I should open a restaurant (not sure I’d go that far). I do get a great joy from a good meal and the enjoyment others get from the food I make.

It’s also a great way to get to know people, we move so fast we often skip having a good meal and a conversation. It’s made all the more interesting if you can make a dish and have that as an icebreaker. At the least you should go out and have coffee with a coworker and make a human connection.


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