Your Turn Challenge Day 1: Failed already

So I failed at this already as I completely forgot Day 1. This is what I get for starting something like this on a holiday I spend away from technology as much as I can. So I am going to make it up and post 2 times today

Why are you doing the Your Turn Challenge?

Short answer: It will be good for me.

Long answer(s):

I have lots of ideas, but I don’t seem to complete many of them.I’m hoping that by writing something everyday that I can make a habit of at least sharing my ideas.

I have a fear that what I have to say isn’t good enough, so by practicing here my craft of communication will get better.

I want to be known for shipping, what this challenge is about.

This whole thing sounds like fun, and if I can get past the first 2 points I think it honestly will be and I’ll be better for it.


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