Curtis Report 2014-10-10

The great majority of my week was spent trying to get a VirtualBox instance of Ubuntu running with Mozillians and KitHerder so I can write so user docs and what not for using KitHerder in a new Mentorship Process. It turned out to not be so simple and in fact I did not get it really working until 2014-10-13, I am considering writing a more detailed blog post so others can have an easier time as the current docs seem to be missing a few steps and tricks.

To that end much thanks to the very patient folks on #commtools for helping me out with all the errors and troubleshooting.

What I did this week

  • bugzilla sec release activities
  • Kitherder: prep work (install Mozillians)

Meetings Attended


  • 1:1
  • Mozilla Monday meeting
  • Web Bounty Triage


  • SecAutomation
  • Cloud Services Security Team
  • MoCo Meeting (recording)


  • MWoS team meeting


  • MWoS Monthly Update


  • PTO
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