Curtis Report 2014-10-03

I spent a good deal of this week doing RTB activities that are mostly non-noteable other than they have to get done. I likely should have taken a PTO day to recover from DerbyCon (lesson for next time) I jumped right back into things.

On Thu I attended the Louisville Metro InfoSec conference put on by the Kentuckiana chapter of the Information Systems Security Association (ISSA). This is a  yearly gathering of InfoSec professionals from Louisville, Southern Indiana, Lexington and Cincinatti, and a few from furhter out. This event also allows infosec students from local schools to attend for free and a large number of them did attend.

I spent most of the day promoting OWASP and Mozilla via a booth the organizers were kind enough to give for free. I was supposed to have help so I could attend some talks but my 2 other co-leaders had to leave town suddenly (will have to watch IronGeek recordings).

While I did not have any items to give away we did get lots of traffic at the booth, mostly due to my FirefoxOS device. While it is an older geeks phone I did have the latest nighly installed on it. The student attendees were most excited about it, some even taking pictures of different screens. They seemed quite interested in the developer tools in Firefox (WebIDE) along with the FirefoxOS simulator. this lead to natural conversations about getting involved, mentored bugs and mentorship projects at Mozilla.

The large topic of discussion with the more coporate types centered around our Cloud Services efforts. I fielded lots of questions about Sync (how they could do their own), Firefox Accounts, Location services and Marketplace. There is good deal of angst with the corporate types over the tension to use cloud for cost but concerns over data ownership, privacy and security of such services. They were quite pleased with our efforts and also liked that they could do hybrid cloud (public-private) mixes with Mozilla offerings.

What I did this week

  • [vendor redacted] ground work for internal pen testing
  • DerbyCon trip report
  • TRIBE Prep
  • Safari books for MWoS team

Meetings Attended


  • Mozilla Project Meeting


  • secautomation
  • Update on Firefox OS Release Cadence
  • Cloud Services Security Team Meeting


  • MWoS team meeting
  • Cloud Services All Hands


  • Security/Privay/Vendor Reviews Discussion w/ Marshall
  • last day virtual beer for coworker
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