November: A Busy month

So no blogging for a while, its been a busy month. In addition to being a family man of 3 kids, involved in Scouting with my son and just general life it’s been a month of traveling.

First, I spoke at SkyDogCon 2011 in Nashville, TN on The Neurobiology of Decision Making (youtube). I was the first speaker and it was my first time speaking at a conference, I was very pleased that it was well received. I met SkyDog at DerbyCon 2011 which was my first small con and I really enjoyed it. I had easily as much fun at SkyDogCon and really enjoyed getting to spend more time with individuals talking about Mozilla, Firefox and other fun topics. It was also great fun hacking the arduino badges and learning how to pick a lock. The staff treated me exceptional well, the speakers were a fun bunch to hang out with. I really hope I get a chance to speak again at next years con.

The weekend after that I was at MozCamp EU in Berlin, Germany, again as a speaker but more importantly as a member of the Security Team. I really wanted to meet and make some connections with contributors and further the message of “we’re all in this together for the betterment of our users”. It was also a moving experience for me personally, last time I was in Germany was 1987 and as 3rd generation American of German immigrants it was really painful to see Germany divided. I fulfilled a 24yr old promise to myself to walk beneath the Brandenburg Gate.

From Berlin

Then we have the fall holiday here in the USA known as Thanksgiving. Unfortunately for me I caught some bug in my travels through London and Berlin and was pretty ill. A trip to the Dr. for meds to keep the rest of my family well and not to ruin the holiday finished up any time before the holiday and family, geocaching with the kids, socializing and eating at up the rest of my blogging time.

The rest of my month was taken up the the usual security meetings & Firefox meetings; you know the get stuff built and shipped movements.

Thankfully the traveling, meeting, talking and thinking time has left me with many things to talk about. I hope all my readers had as good a month as I did.

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