Too Quiet

OK, yeah…I have not posted in some time. But I have a good excuse. I have left my old position at a crummy health care company and moved to Mozilla (yeah the guys that make Firefox and Thunderbird). I am the Sr. Security Program Manger (or my self given title of ‘Security Minion’), where I am tasked with bringing more structure and predictability to the process of security integration with development tasks and keeping drag to a minimum. As such I have spent the last 8 weeks getting myself used to the structure, pace and culture of Mozilla; and flying back and forth from my current home in KY to CA (moving in the not to distant future if all plans go as they should). So sorry for the long quiet I am going to do my best to blog here more often to engage the community of Mozilla developers and get feedback on how we are doing with our process and driving security for the community, product and world. -ck

Posted in Computers, Security

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